Online-Vortrag von Lindsey Reymore (McGill University) und Lindsay Warrenburg (Ohio State University): "Emotion in Music Cognition Research"

Wann 19.07.2021
von 16:30 bis 18:30
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Affective Neuroscience and Psychophysiology



Online-Vortrag von

Lindsey Reymore 

McGill University


Lindsay Warrenburg 

Ohio State University

19.07.2021 16:30 - 18:30 — ANaP-Colloquium Zoom Room

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Passcode: 365700


Emotion in Music Cognition Research

In this talk, we begin by providing an overview of music and emotion research before presenting three examples of experiments taking varied approaches to the topic. First, we will describe a project concerning perceived emotional expression and sociality in dance, with and without accompanying music, discussing both quantitative results from our behavioral study and qualitative data from interviews with the dancers. Lindsay W. will then share results from an experiment in which participants ingested acetaminophen or a placebo and subsequently listened to emotionally charged speech, music, and natural stimuli, suggesting that acetaminophen affects perceived emotion from sounds. Finally, Lindsey R. will discuss the role of emotion in the development of Timbre Trait Profiles and more generally consider the role of timbre in musical emotion.