Vortrag von Arezoo Pooresmaeili (Göttingen) "Reward value and its impact on human cognition: from early sensory to post-decisional effects"

Wann 16.07.2019
von 18:00 bis 20:00
Wo GEMI, Raum 1.134
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Affective Neuroscience and Psychophysiology 





Dr. Arezoo Pooresmaeili

(European Neuroscience Institute & University Medical Centre, Goettingen)


16.07.2019 18:00 - 20:00 — GEMI, Raum 1.134 

Reward value and its impact on human cognition: from early sensory to post-decisional effects


The effects of reward value on human cognition are ubiquitous. Reward value guides goal-directed decisions and modulates early sensory processing. Traditionally, the effects of reward on value-based and perceptual decisions have been investigated in isolation and separately from each other. In recent years, however, the links between the two have been increasingly revealed and emphasized. These links comprise both conceptual as well as methodological connections: the same principles that govern reward effects on sensory perception may also apply to higher-order decisions and similar methodologies could therefore be applied to their investigation. I will discuss results from our lab that underscore this link. Building up on these results, I will describe a putative plan of how sensory properties of stimuli could be used to track the coding principles of subjective value in human brain. Finally, I will discuss how findings in sensory neurosciences inspired us to investigate meta-cognitive aspects of valuation when human subjects judge their own or their co-player’s exerted effort in a social context.