Vortrag: Mircea Zloteanu (UCL): Deception Detection: Emotions and Decision-Making under Uncertainty

Wann 29.05.2018
von 18:00 bis 20:00
Wo R 1.134
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In deception detection, individuals are told to rely on behavioural indices to discriminate lies and truths. A source of such indices are the emotions displayed by others. Emotional cues displayed by deceivers are presumed to be valuable to detecting deception. However, their usefulness as diagnostic cues have produced inconsistent results. I investigated multiple reasons for these inconsistencies. In a series of studies, the role of emotions and emotion recognition in the context of detecting deception is explored. This research demonstrates that emotion recognition does not aid the detection of deception, and can result in decreased accuracy. This is attributed to the biasing relationship of emotion recognition on veracity judgements, stemming from the inability of decoders to separate the authenticity of emotional cues. I assert, and find, that decoders are poor at discriminating between genuine and deceptive emotional displays, advocating for a new conceptualisation of emotional cues in veracity judgements. The research will conclude suggesting deception detection should focus on improving information processing and accurate classification of emotional information.