[ARCHIV] Workshop: Open science practices for future-proof research: why and how

Anne Scheel, LMU Munich
Wann 09.06.2017
von 09:00 bis 17:00
Wo GEMI 1.140
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Workshop: Open science practices for future-proof research: why and how

Anne Scheel, LMU Munich

June 9, 2017, 9:00-17:00


Estimates from recent large-scale replication projects suggest that the results of more than 50% of published psychological studies are not reproducible. This should not come as a surprise: The field has received regular warnings about the consequences of publication bias, low statistical power, and "researcher degrees of freedom" in analysing and reporting data, which allow scientists to fool themselves and others in their quest for significant results. As a reaction to these unsettling insights, new research practices are being implemented to increase the transparency and reproducibility of published studies: Preregistration means filing and "freezing" research hypotheses, sampling plan, and analysis plan before data collection and thus safeguards against many researcher biases and questionable practices; open data and reproducible code enable others to verify reported results and to re-use the data for new research questions; and open materials lay the foundation for much-needed replication attempts.

This workshop is aimed at psychology students of all levels as well as early-career researchers, but welcomes anyone with an interest to learn about open science. We will look at the causes of the "replication crisis", clear up typical confusions about significance tests and p-values, and cover the basics of preregistration, data sharing, and reproducible analyses. Participants will gain basic knowledge of open science practices and associated techniques and tools to make their own research more transparent and reproducible.

An initial understanding of statistics (undergraduate level) will be necessary to get the most out of the course. Basic knowledge of R is a plus but not required. Participants should bring their own laptops with current versions of R and Rstudio installed. The workshop can be held in German if this is the preferred language of all attendees. You can contact me directly if you are unsure whether the course is suitable for you.