Lars Penke, Denny Borsboom, Wendy Johnson, Rogier A Kievit, Annemie Ploeger, and Jelte M Wicherts (2011)

Evolutionary psychology and intelligence research cannot be integrated the way Kanazawa (2010) suggests

American Psychologist, 66:916-917.

Comments on a record by Kanazawa (see record 2010-08987-004). Evolutionary psychologists search for human universals, differential psychologists for variation around common human themes. So far, evolutionary psychology and differential psychology seem somewhat disparate and unconnected, although Kanazawa is certainly not the first to attempt integrating them. Kanazawa uses intelligence to elaborate his view of integration. His evolutionary theory of intelligence is based on two assumptions: (1) General intelligence (g) is both an individual-differences variable and a domain- specific adaptation, and (2) the domain to which general intelligence is adapted is evolutionary novelty. Both claims are erroneous.