L J Botzet, J M Rohrer, and R C Arslan (2019)

Effects of Birth Order on Intelligence, Educational Attainment, Personality, and Risk Aversion in an Indonesian Sample

Preprint on PsyArXiv.

Few studies have examined birth order effects on personality in countries that are not Western, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic (WEIRD), even though prominent theories such as resource dilution would predict stronger effects in poorer countries and theories have generally suggested interculturally universal family dynamics as the mechanism behind birth order effects. Here, we use a subset of up to 6,035 participants of the Indonesian Family Life Study, an ongoing representative panel study, to study whether later-born siblings differ from earlier-borns in intelligence, personality, and education. Our estimated effect sizes exclude recent estimates from WEIRD populations based on large sample sizes, and are consistent with the emerging account of birth order as having relatively little impact on intelligence, education, personality, and risk aversion. Thus, even the small effects of birth order reported in other studies appear to be culturally specific.

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Preprint available at https://psyarxiv.com/5387k/.