J Stern, C Schild, R C Arslan, B C Jones, L M DeBruine, A Hahn, D A Puts, I Zettler, T L Kordsmeyer, D Feinberg, D Zamfir, and L Penke (2019)

Do voices carry valid information about a speaker's personality?

Preprint on PsyArXiv.

Research on links between peoples’ personality traits and their voices has primarily focused on other peoples’ personality judgments about a target person based on a target person’s vocal characteristics, particularly voice pitch. However, it remains unclear whether individual differences in voices are linked to actual individual differences in personality traits, and thus whether vocal characteristics are indeed valid cues to personality. Here, we investigate how the personality traits of the Five Factor Model of Personality, sociosexuality, and dominance are related to fundamental frequency (voice pitch) and formant frequencies. For this purpose, we will conduct a secondary data analysis of a large sample (2,133 participants) from eleven different, independent datasets with a Bayesian approach.

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Preprint available at https://psyarxiv.com/9a68c.