Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Gmeinwieser

Curriculum Vitae

 Publikationen und Kongressbeiträge:

  • Gmeinwieser, S., Hagmayer, Y., Pieh, C., & Probst, T. (2019). General change mechanisms in the early treatment phase and their associations with the outcome of cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with different levels of motivational incongruence. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1002/cpp.2381
  • Gmeinwieser, S., Kuhlencord, M., Ruhl, U., Hagmayer, Y., & Probst, T. (2019). Early developments in general change mechanisms predict reliable improvement in addition to early symptom trajectories in cognitive behavioral therapy. Psychotherapy Research. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1080/10503307.2019.160970
  • Gmeinwieser, S. & Hagmayer, Y. (2019, Juli). Does Feedback in Routine Psychotherapy Improve Outcomes? Preliminary Results of a Doctoral Thesis. Poster präsentiert auf dem 9th World Congress of Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies, Berlin, GER.
  • Gmeinwieser, S., Kuhlencord, M., Ruhl, U., Hagmayer, Y. & Probst, T. (2018, März). Therapieerfolg und Therapieabbruch im ambulanten psychotherapeutischen Setting. Referat präsentiert auf dem 30. DGVT-Kongress für Klinische Psychologie, Psychotherapie und Beratung, Berlin, GER.