Stefan Schulz-Hardt and Felix C Brodbeck (2012)

Group performance and leadership (PSYNDEXshort)

In: Introduction to social psychology, ed. by Hewstone, Miles; Stroebe, Wolfgang; Jonas, Klaus; Hewstone, Miles; Stroebe, Wolfgang; Jonas, Klaus . Blackwell, Oxford, chap. Group performance and leadership (PSYNDEXshort), pp. 415-448. (ISBN: 978-1-11-842716-3).

This chapter deals with the question how social interdependence and social interaction affect group performance. More specifically, we give answers to the following questions: How can we identify group-level influences on performance? What are the major pitfalls and opportunities for performance when people work together in a group? What can we do to systematically optimize group performance? Why is leadership so critical for group performance, and how can it contribute to the optimization of group performance? We will give answers to these questions by outlining the basic underlying principles, exemplarily applying them to specific group tasks and selectively illustrating them with empirical research.