Nele McElvany, Sascha Schroeder, Tobias Richter, Axinja Hachfeld, Jürgen Baumert, Wolfgang Schnotz, Holger Horz, and Mark Ullrich (2010)

Texte mit instruktionalen Bildern als Unterrichtsmaterial - Kompetenzen der Lehrkräfte

Unterrichtswissenschaft, 38:98-116.

In view of the relevance of integrative reading of texts and images in most school subjects, this article examines teacher attitudes, intrinsic motivation, self-related cognitions, and instruction-related self-regulation strategies in this area. Along with the investigation of teacher characteristics as aspects of a complex competency model, also of interest was the relation of these constructs with teacher knowledge in the area of text-picture integration. 116 German, biology, and geography teachers participated in the study. The results indicate that teachers were aware of the relevance of integrative reading of texts and images for learning, and that they had a positive attitude towards the topic in regard to their own instruction. Concurrently, independently of these results, optimization potential was found for teacher knowledge about images, as well as reading and instructional processes.