Sascha Schroeder, Kay-Michael Würzner, Julian Heister, Alexander Geyken, and Reinhold Kliegl (2015)

childLex: A lexical database of German read by children

Behavior Research Methods, 47:1085-1094.

Introduces childLex, an online database of German read by children. childLex is based on a corpus of children's books and comprises 10 million words that were syntactically annotated and lemmatized. childLex reports linguistic norms for lexical, superlexical, and sublexical variables in three different age groups: 6-8 years (Grades 1-2), 9-10 years (Grades 3-4), and 11-12 years (Grades 5-6). Here, it is described how childLex was collected and analyzed. In addition, information about the distributions of word frequency, word length, and orthographic neighborhood size, as well as their intercorrelations is provided. Finally, it is explained how childLex can be accessed using a Web interface.