Christian Valuch, Ulrich Ansorge, Shelley Buchinger, Aniello R Patrone, and Otmar Scherzer (2014)

The effect of cinematic cuts on human attention

In: Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video, pp. 119 - 22, ACM.

Understanding the factors that determine human attention in videos is important for many applications, such as user interface design in interactive television (iTV), continuity editing, or data compression techniques. In this article, we identify the demands that cinematic cuts impose on human attention. We hypothesize, test, and confirm that after cuts the viewers' attention is quickly attracted by repeated visual content. We conclude with a recommendation for future models of visual attention in videos and make suggestions how the present results could inspire designers of second screen iTV applications to optimise their interfaces with regard to a maximally smooth viewing experience.