Vortrag von Luisa Bogenschütz (GEMI): "Parameters of Decision Making: A Comparison of Signal-Detection Theory and Diffusion Decision Model"

Wann 28.05.2021
von 13:15 bis 14:45
Wo online
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The Diffusion Decision Model (Ratcliff, 1978; Ratcliff & McKoon, 2008) and Signal-Detection Theory (Green, D.M. & Luce, R.D., 1966) are two popular models utilized to describe perceptual decision-making processes. Both models include parameters which are commonly interpreted as decision sensitivity and criterion. Even though both models are commonly used in overlapping research fields, there has not been an empirical comparison to this day. A perceptual decision-making task was designed to test the models’ parameters’ correlation. It included manipulations of the response bias, the accuracy as well as the stimulus difficulty. It was hypothesized that the sensitivity parameters d’ (SDT) and v (DDM) and d’ and a (DDM) would correlate as well as the criterion parameters c (SDT) and zr (DDM). 24 students of Georg-August University Göttingen were tested with the paradigm. Contrary to the hypotheses, only the parameters d’ and v correlated with each other. The criterion parameters zr and c are not connected. Still, there was a correlation between c and the mean drift rate. Thus, the common interpretations of the models’ parameters need to be questioned.