Vortrag von Philip Sulewski, MSc (GEMI): "Tracing the individual variability of visual object representations through time and space"

Wann 04.12.2020
von 13:15 bis 14:45
Wo Online, link see below
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This talk will address the question of how far our ability to perceive the world around us relies on individually different cortical mechanisms among a group of human observers.

Using Magnetoencephalography (MEG) data and novel multivariate data analysis techniques we characterise how individual differences unfold in space and time. We investigate the information content of the neural response of an individual by first showing a variety of visual stimuli in the MEG, followed by Representation Similarity Analyses (RSA) that enable us to abstract away from the cortical structure of the individual. We then compare the information content of various brain regions and time points in different observers to better understand where, when and how much brains of different individuals differ in their neural mechanisms underlying visual perception. We observe that individuals not only seem to have stable visual object representations across experimental sessions, they also share these representations with other individuals, albeit to a modest degree. In addition, considerable individual differences beyond cortical structural considerations exist throughout.
The high temporal resolution that we apply to investigate the visual representations additionally allows us to investigate how visual representations develop over time. The talk will therefore discuss how similar visual representations are across multiple timepoints and what conclusions we can draw from that about the nature of the neural computations underlying visual object recognition behaviour.

This is an online talk: