Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Einhäuser (TU Chemnitz): "Ambiguity and Attention in the real and the virtual world"

Wann 11.06.2021
von 13:15 bis 14:45
Wo Online
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In real-life situations, we continuously process complex and ambiguous stimuli, select relevant information, make decisions, and execute appropriate actions. The first part of my talk will focus on multi-stable stimuli as model for such processing. I will show examples how reward, uncertainty, cognitive models about action consequences, and other modalities directly influence visual perception. I will argue that perceptual ambiguity can be interpreted as an example for a competitive process and thereby connected to selective attention, which is viewed as combination of competition and priority control. Hence, the second part of my talk will address gaze orientation as proxy for the allocation of attention in natural scenes and real-life situations. The role of features for attentional guidance will be quantified: although features control attention to some extent, objects and task are the primary drivers of attention. During real-life behaviour, the environment imposes additional constraints, which are close-to-impossible to mimic in standard laboratory settings. In the final part of my talk, I will demonstrate how virtual reality can be used to bridge the gap between good experimental control and real-life constraints. To this end, I will present data comparing gaze during walking through an actual building to simulated locomotion through a high-fidelity virtual copy of the same building. I will also show some recent results obtained with a setup that combines virtual reality, motion capture and experimental perturbations of participants’ gait. We use this setup to quantify effects of terrain on gaze guidance during walking in scenarios that mimic real-world challenges, yet are safe and under good experimental control.

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