Promotionen im SoSe 2019

Die folgenden Mitarbeiter des GEMI haben im SoSe 2019 ihre Promotion abgeschlossen:

Hao Guo (05/2019, DPZ)

Neural population dynamics and frontal-parietal circuit for context-dependent sensorimotor computations

Christian Hahn (06/2019)

Language-switching costs in bilingual mathematics learning

Nora Koster (03/2019)

Phenomenological considerations of metacontrast

Adi Lausen (04/2019)

Emotion communication: neurocognitive mechanisms and interindividual differences

Nadja Miosga (03/2019)

Selective social belief revision in preschoolers

Johanna Prüfer (05/2019)

Emergence of leadership: Predicting initiative and its success from individual traits, motives, and characteristics.