Promotionen im SoSe 2018

Die folgenden Mitarbeiter des GEMI haben im SoSe 2018 ihre Promotion abgeschlossen:

D. Arabali (Juni/2018)

Eye, hand and space representations and causal interference in bihemispheric pulvinar-parietal circuitry

Nicolas Becker (Juni/2018)
Interferences of Visual Masks with Semantic and Perceptual  Priming Effects

Johanna Eckert (September/2018)

The evolutionary roots of intuitive statistics

Julia Gumula (Juni/2018)
Ideas are Craftwork - Development of an Innovation Training Course and its Evaluation with female and male Journeymen

Wiebke Hammerschmidt (April/2018)

Dissociating Inherent Emotional and Associated Motivational              Salience in Human Face Processing

Julia Jünger (August/2018)

The effects of ovulatory cycle shifts in steroid hormons on women’s mate preferences and attraction.

Tobias Kordsmeyer (April/ 2018)

Intra- and Intersexual Selection on Men: Their Relative Importance and Hormonal Underpinnings

Vivian Radtke


Frieder Schillinger (März/2018)

When Students Fail: Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Test Anxiety

Lukas Schneider (Juli/2018)

Perceptual and motor intentional processing in dorsal pulvinar