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Application is possible anytime!

This training is in German language only.


The Postgraduate Programme in Psychological Psychotherapy (WSPP - Weiterbildende Studiengang Psychologische Psychotherapie) addresses all the psychology-master-graduate students respectively Psychologists with a German Diploma who wants to achieve the Approbation as a psychological psychotherapist with the focus on cognitive-behavioral-therapy at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen.


This training was designed as a 3-year-fulltime education and will be conducted according to the regulations of the psychotherapeutic law respectively to the training- and examination-regulations.

Current supporter of this programme is the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, why you will be enrolled as a student when you start this training.

 This means you can use all the advantages of being a student of a German university, like the "Semesterticket".

Furthermore the WSPP is connected to the network of university-trainingprogrammes for psychotherapy (German only).


The objectives of this programme and the study plan are based upon the regulations of the training- and examination-regulation for psychological psychotherapists (PsychTh-AprV) from Dec. 18th 1998.

Focus: Behavioral therapy

Length: 3 years full time

Form of organisation: postgraduate programme

Start of the theory-lessons: October

New: You can start with your practical training in a psychiatric or psychotherapeutic institution anytime.

A contract with the WSPP prior to the enrolement (Oct. 1st) which enables your practical-work hours in one of our cooperating psychiatric institutions to be recognized.

Place of education: Göttingen.


Approbation as psychological psychothepist.

Supporter of the training

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

Training costs

monthly fees: 290 EUR (10.440 EUR totally)

semester fees:

Supervision: ca. 7.000 EUR


Every hour of the practical part of your training will grant you an income of 35 EUR, a total of up to 26.250,00 €.


Your training will include 4200 hours of those are:

  1. a minimum of 600 hours theoretical training
  2. 1800 hours practical work
    - 1200 hours clinical-psychiatric inpatient work (practical work I) and
    - 600 hours outpatient psychotherapeutic work (practical work II)
  3. practical training: a minimum of 600 hours supervised therapy (minimum of 150 hours group- or single-supervision) in the TBZ in Göttingen
  4. a minimum of 120 hours of therapeutic self-awareness
  5. approx. 930 hours individual prioritisation
    for example: literature studies, pre- and follow-up-work of the practical tasks, participation of out-patient-meetings

For more detailed information about the WSPP check out the German site, by clicking on the flag in the upper right corner or here.