Travel and Accomodation

Goettingen is located in the center of Germany. It is easy to reach by train. Four high-speed trains stop here every hour. Train tickets are cheap if you book well in advance and commit to a specific train.

If you have to fly in, Hannover Airport is closets (less than 1 hour away from Goettingen), but Frankfurt Airport is convenient too (approximately 2 hours by train). There are direct trains from Frankfurt Airport to Goettingen.


There are many hotels at Goettingen to choose from. We recommend the B & B hotel, which is very conveniently located (10 minutes away from the workshop on foot) and very affordable . The downside is that it is not in the heart of the old city and the neighborhood is not the nicest (but safe).

If you prefer to be in the center of the old city the Hotel Central is a good choice. 

Both hotels are within walking distance from the train station and the workshop sites.