Wednesday May 16th


8pm Informal get together at the Bistro of the Deutsche Theater, Theaterplatz 11, Goettingen
(pay on your own)




Thursday May 17th


Clinical Decision Making Group

Institute of Psychology, Gosslerstrasse 14
Seminar Room 0.245 Ground Floor


Department of General Practice, Humboldtallee 38
Library First Floor

8:30 Registration and Welcome


9:00 Jacinto (Lisbon) The impact of task decomposability in hypothesis testing within the psychotherapy session

9:00 Paul Van Royen

Welcome, introduction, agenda

9:30 Druijff (Nijmegen) The influence of positive affect and time pressure on clinical decision making

 Marie Barais: Short report about the final conclusions of the feasibility study of the Gut Feelings Questionnaire (GFQ).

10:00 DeKwaadsteniet (Nijmegen) Is it safe? Judging about risks of child maltreatment

Marie Barais: First results of the role of gut feelings in the diagnostic process of pulmonary embolism.

10:30 Coffee break Erik Stolper: The child abuse study: ongoing study.
11:00 Hausmann (Zürich) Process tracing methods and the role of subjective probability Nydia van den Brink & Paul Van Royen:  Hospital specialist gut feelings study: final results.
11:30 Hagmayer (Göttingen) Causal Explanation based Decision Making - a rational model for clinical reasoning Erik Stopler & Paul van Royen: Gut feelings of patients visiting an out-of-hours office.
12:00 Pieper (Göttingen) Does biomedical knowledge improve diagnostic decisions? The future of COGITA: 10 yrs anniversary, key targets, implementing the GFQ in current and future research, discussing possibilities of a multi-centre Gut Feelings study protocol using the GFQ. 

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch at the Cafeteria


Institute of Psychology
Lecture hall 1.140 First Floor


14:00 Keynote 1 by Norbert Donner-Banzhoff (Marburg) When things seem to go wrong: Diagnostic error in primary care

15:00 Groenier (Twente) How clinicians think: Changing gear to arrive at the right diagnosis.


15:30 Oliva Fanlo (Mallorca) Intuition and cancer diagnosis


16:00 Coffee Break


16:30 Keynote 2 by Nancy Kim (Boston): Causal Inference and the Drive for Causal Coherence in Clinicians' Diagnoses, Judgments, and Memory




Friday May 18th


9:00 Keynote 3 by Wolfgang Gaissmaier (Konstanz) An adaptive toolbox for diagnostic decision making: Transparent representations, intuition, and social intelligence


10:30 Coffee break


11:00 Douw (Ede) Exploring triggers used by nurses to identify surgical patients at risk for clinical deterioration


11:30 Schuck (Maastricht) Gut feelings in doctors’ malpractice trials


12:00 Lambrechts (Antwerp) Gut Feelings in Obstetrics and Midwifery


12:30 Snack Lunch

13:30 – 15:00 Plenary Discussion on Evidence-based Decision Making

Introduction by Margje van der Wiel and Erik Stolper (Maastricht)



15:30 – 17:30 Guided city tour on Goettingen University’s history



Dinner (pay on your own)