Andreas Glöckner

Current Position (short CV including list of publications)

Scientific Activities

  • Member-at-Large of the executive board of the European Association for Decision Making (EADM) (term of office: 2013-2015)
  • Associate Editor: Judgment and Decision Making (since 08/2012); Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (since 01/2013)
  • Editorial Board memberships: Social Cognition (since 02/2011), Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (since 07/2012), Frontiers in Cognitive Science (since 01/2011)
  • Guest editor for special issues: methodology in judgment and decision making research (Judgment and Decision Making, 2011); strategy selection: an empirical and methodological challenge (Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, in progress)
  • Reviewer for more than 40 scientific journals and 14 national and international research funding agencies

Research Focus

  • Basic research: risky choice; probabilistic inference; connectionism; automatic processes in decision making / intuition; cognitive modeling; social dilemmas
  • Applied research: empirical legal studies; behavioral law and economics; public policy; consumer decisions
  • Method developments: research methodology in J/DM; theory of science / empirical content of theories; reproducability project; multivariate Maximum Likelihood estimation

Selected Publications
(short CV including list of publications)

  • Glöckner, A., Hilbig, B. E., & Jekel, M. (2014). What is Adaptive about Adaptive Decision Making? A Parallel Constraint Satisfaction Account. Cognition, 133, 641–666.
  • Hilbig, B. E., Glöckner, A., & Zettler, I. (2014). Personality and pro-social behavior: Linking basic traits and Social Value Orientations. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107, 529-539.
  • Glöckner, A., & Pachur, T. (2012). Cognitive models of risky choice: Parameter stability and predictive accuracy of Prospect Theory. Cognition, 123, 21-32.
  • Glöckner, A., & Herbold, A.-K. (2011). An eye-tracking study on information processing in risky decisions: Evidence for compensatory strategies based on automatic processes. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 24, 71-98.
  • Glöckner, A., & Betsch, T. (2008). Modeling option and strategy choices with connectionist networks: Towards an integrative model of automatic and deliberate decision making. Judgment and Decision Making, 3, 215-228. link
  • Glöckner, A., & Betsch, T. (2008). Multiple-reason decision making based on automatic processing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34, 1055-1075.

Research Statistics

  • Google Scholar or ISI
  • 53 publications in peer reviewed journals + 19 chapters and articles 
  • Cumulated ISI - Impact Factor = 112.4
  • Citation: 2099 (Google Scholar), H-Index: 23
  • Research funds raised: 2,323,925 €