Department 9: Psychological Diagnostics, Judgment, and Decision Making

About us

Welcome to the website of the department for psychological diagnostics, judgment, and decision making.
This department primarily deals with the investigation of cognitive processes involved in judgment and decision making as well as the diagnostic of interindividual differences concerning this matter. The objects of investigations are decisions in a wide variety of contexts and constellations. Objects of investigation are, amongst others, individual and strategic decisions, decisions of safety and risk, intuitive or reflected decisions, and decisions of novices, and experts.
This department offers teaching in the fields of psychological diagnostics (BA) and applied diagnostics (MA). The focus lies on the mediation of a profound understanding of the basic principles of diagnostic methods, as well as on the mediation of practical knowledge, especially concerning corporation diagnostics and economic contexts (e.g. personnel diagnostics, organizational diagnostics, and consumer behavior). In addition we offer classes about the basic knowledge and the practical application of judgment and decision making (BA). This knowledge can be further deepened in seminars about up-to-date research questions, empirical findings and individual differences in decision making processes (MA).