Interdisciplinary research project „Escalation research in the communication of large-scale infrastructure and construction projects”

Sub-project social psychology: Perception and interpretation of factual information regarding conflicts by affected and involved individuals

Focus of the interdisciplinary research group in Lower Saxony: This project brings researchers of various fields from the universities of Brunswick, Göttingen and Hanover together. Since October 2014, this research group has committed itself to identifying conditions that either contribute to the escalation of conflicts during the initial determination, planning and implementation of large-scale projects or lead to a peaceful and consensual progress of these projects (whether the project is realized as planned, with modifications or not at all). With our independent research we aim at contributing to an optimized dialogue process for all those involved.

Focus of the sub-project social psychology: An important determinant of escalating disputes concerning infrastructure and construction projects is that they are usually not (or not adequately) resolved by supposedly clarifying factual information such as expert’s reports. We are interested in processing and evaluation of factual information by the people affected by and/or involved in such projects. With our research we aim to determine how these processes can be optimally designed in the context of communication regarding large-scale infrastructure and construction projects.

The project is funded by the “Niedersächsische Vorab”-program of the Volkswagen foundation. Find more information about the program here.