and Louisa Kulke (2017)

Dealing with unforeseen crises

In: False, ed. C. McMaster & C. Murphy. Libri Publishing

The postgraduate community is far more complex and diverse both in its requirements and expectations of postgraduate courses than its undergraduate colleagues. This diversity of background and experience is addressed in this book, reflecting the differing needs and aspirations of postgraduate students. Each postgraduate student experiences their education with a set of challenges unique to them. The aim of Postgraduate Study in the UK: Surviving and Succeeding is to reflect some of these challenges through the lived experiences of others. The book highlights some of the difficulties that can occur when studying (such as having to interrupt due to bereavement) and offers advice on how to manage these situations. The authors use their own experiences but the advice is more general e.g. whatever your reason for interrupting, the process is explained and advice provided. Students feel they are not alone in their experiences, situations are therefore normalized and practical advice is provided on how to manage. The book is an honest account of real people s experiences, it is like asking a friend for advice knowing the response will be clear, useful and positive.