Diane Poulin-Dubois, Hannes Rakoczy, Kimberly Burnside, Cristina Crivello, Sebastian Dörrenberg, Katheryn Edwards, Horst Krist, Louisa Kulke, Ulf Liszkowski, Jason Low, Josef Perner, Lindsey Powell, Beate Priewasser, Eva Rafetseder and Ted Ruffman

Do infants understand false beliefs? We don’t know yet – A commentary on Baillargeon, Buttelmann and Southgate’s commentary

Cognitive Development

The commentary by Baillargeon, Buttelmann and Southgate raises a number of crucial issues concerning the replicability and validity of measures of false belief in infancy. Although we agree with some of their arguments, we believe that they underestimate the replication crisis in this area. In our response to their commentary, we first analyze the current empirical situation. The upshot is that, given the available evidence, it remains very much an open question whether infants possess a rich theory of mind. We then draw out more general conclusions for future collaborative studies that have the potential to address this open question.