Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Peter Kappeler and Thomas Ellwart (2011)

Coordination in human and primate groups

Springer, , vol. (), . ed

Presents a collection of the varying approaches and methods used to assess coordination processes in groups, covering research fields such as work and organizational psychology, medicine, primatology, and behavioral ecology. Contents: (A) Theoretical approaches to group coordination. (1) M. Boos, M. Kolbe, and P. M. Kappeler: Coordination in human and non-human primate groups: Why compare and how? (2) M. Boos, M. Kolbe, and M. Strack: An inclusive model of group coordination. (3) C. Fichtel, L. Pyritz, and P. M. Kappeler: Coordination of group movements in non-human primates. (4) M. Strack, M. Kolbe, and M. Boos: Dimensions of group coordination: Applicability test of the coordination mechanism circumplex model. (5) M. Kolbe et al.: The role of coordination in preventing harm in healthcare groups: Research examples from anaesthesia and an integrated model of coordination for action teams in health care. (6) F. Tschan et al.: Developing observational categories for group process research based on task and coordination requirement analysis: Examples from research on medical emergency-driven teams. (B) Assessing coordination in human groups - Concepts and methods. (7) T. Ellwart: Assessing coordination in human groups: Concepts and methods. (8) K. Lauche: Assessing team coordination potential. (9) T. Ellwart, T. Biemann, and O. Rack: Measurement of team knowledge in the field: Methodological advantages and limitations. (10) P. Badke-Schaub, A. Neumann, and K. Lauche: An observation-based method for measuring the sharedness of mental models in teams. (11) M. Kolbe et al.: Effective coordination in human group decision making: MICRO-CO: A micro-analytical taxonomy for analysing explicit coordination mechanisms in decision-making groups. (C) Primatological approaches to the conceptualisation and measurement of group coordination. (12) P. M. Kappeler: Primatological approaches to the study of group coordination. (13) J. Fischer and D. Zinner: Communicative and cognitive underpinnings of animal group movement. (14) J. Kaminski: Communicative cues among and between human and non-human primates: Attending to specificity in triadic gestural interactions. (15) E. W. Heymann: Coordination in primate mixed-species groups.