Kai Sassenberg, Margarete Boos and Florian Klapproth

Wissen und Problemlösekompetenz. Der Einfluß von Expertise auf den Informationsaustausch in computervermittelter Kommunikation

Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie

Following the Collective Information Sampling Model (Stasser & Titus, 1985), groups are more likely to discuss information if it is held by all members (shared information) than if it is held by only one member (unshared information). As groups exchange less information, when they use computer-mediated communication (CMC), it is even more important to mention relevant content using this medium. In studies on face to face communication, informing group members about each others' expertise fostered the exchange of unshared information. In Study 1 this finding was not replicated for groups using CMC. Study 2 shows, that an increased exchange of unshared information is only caused by the knowledge about group members' expertise, when it is interpreted in terms of knowledge and not in terms of competence.