Micha Strack, Michaela Kolbe and Margarete Boos (2011)

Dimensions of group coordination: Applicability test of the coordination mechanism circumplex model

In: False, ed. . Springer

Discussed the coordination mechanism circumplex model, a content model of group coordination mechanisms that proposes the dimension of explicitness and the dimension of timing (Wittenbaum et al., 1998). This model's function is to solve confounds in former taxonomies of coordination mechanisms. After critiquing both dimension definitions, the authors report on their coder agreement study of the intelligibility of the 2 dimensions. As hypothesized, though empirical agreement among the coders in their study varied with the built-in difficulty of the mechanism sets (macro-, meso-, and micro-level of coordination), the expertise level of the coders (experts vs. novices) compensated for this mechanism set difficulty. Plots of mechanisms in the coordination mechanism circumplex model accomplish the extensional definition of its 2 dimensions of explicitness and timing. The authors conclude by discussing next steps in theory building, including the elimination of the intentionality construct and the consideration of the perspective of producers and targets of coordination mechanisms.