Research by Louisa Kulke published in Psychological Science

last modified May 04, 2018 10:55

April 2018: Louisa's paper on "Is Implicit Theory of Mind a Real and Robust Phenomenon? Results From a Systematic Replication Study" just got published in Psychological Science - read more.

Social activity April '18: Basketball game (BG Goettingen vs. Mitteldeutscher BC)

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Yes, our lab is also into sports!  With a smaller group of our lab, we went to the last home match of this season to support our local basketball team. We all agreed that the game remained thrilling until the last minute, but in the end the BG Goettingen (our "Veilchen") sailed to a 96-90 win over the Mitteldeutscher BC. We are looking forward to the next season! 

Dr. Wiebke Hammerschmidt successfully defends her thesis

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We are happy to announce that Dr. Wiebke Hammerschmidt has successfully defended her PhD thesis on April 11th 2018. Congratulations, Wiebke!

Now published in frontiers in psychology: hot speech and exploding bombs!

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#research article, #paper, #vocal emotion expressions, #autonomic responses, #skin conductance, #pupillometry, #emotion, #arousal
Jürgens, R., Fischer, J. & Schacht, A. (2018). Hot Speech and Exploding Bombs: Autonomic Arousal during Emotion Classification of Prosodic Utterances and Affective Sounds. Frontiers in Psycholoogy.

New paper on semantic speech processing in press at Cortex

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#paper, #research article, #dynamic information, #face, #speech
Hernández-Gutiérrez, D., Abdel Rahman, R., Martín-Loeches, M., Muñoz, F., Schacht, A. & Sommer, W. (In Press). Does dynamic information about the speaker´s face contribute to semantic speech processing? ERP evidence. Cortex.