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Since 2010 the Georg-Elias-Müller-Institut for Psychology offers four programs of qualification.

Bachelor of Science

Our three-year (6 semester) full time program offers a basic qualification to become a professional psychologist. Our courses cover all main aspects of Psychology, basic methodological and statistical knowledge as well as basic skills in science are also part of this programme. This study course is offered in German only.

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Master of Science

The main focus of the Master of Science-programme lies on research. It offers a broad range of scientific fields and interests. A Bachelor in Psychology or a similar degree is needed to apply the Masters program. It takes two years (4 semesters) to complete and all the prerequisites for a future psychotherapeutic qualification can be acquired. You may also continue with a PhD program. Most of the lectures and seminars of our master programme will be held in German language.

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Psychological Psychotherapist

We offer a training-programme to become a licensed psychological psychotherapist giving the possibility to work as a professional psychotherapist in Germany. It takes three years (full time) to complete and includes practical work. This is offered in German only.

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There are a lot of possibilites to enter a PhD program in various research areas. This includes for instance the Psychology-department as well as a wide range of other research-groups all over the University of Göttingen. You may contact the responsible departments of your consideration directly.

Formally the program is offered by the Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS)

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