Jonathan A. Cortés Silva

Jonathan Cortés studied Psychology in the University of Chile, opting at the beginning of his career for training in science. This led him to be part of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of his University, however, his wishes for wanting to have a more direct approach to the understanding of the nervous system made him join the Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI), the most important neuroscience research center in Chile. In this context, and due to his interests in learning about new areas within brain research, during the year 2017 he was a guest scientist in the group of Theoretical Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization, led by Professor Dr Fred Wolf, a physicist of excellence in Germany who allowed him to enter the exciting world of Computational Neuroscience. Already in this place, and attracted by the understanding of brain dynamics at a deeper level, Jonathan sought the opportunity to continue his doctoral studies in Germany, being currently part of a collaborative project between Professor Wolf and Professor Annekatherin Schacht, in order to give a dynamic understanding to phenomena such as learning and visual perception, based on research with Electroencephalography.


Research interests

Computational Neuroscience

Visual Perception

Associative Learning


Current Project

A Dynamical Description of Early and Later ERP Effects by Modulation of the Motivational Salience in Associative Learning Paradigm.