Research focus and Publications

Cognition, social cognition and economic cognition

Betsch, T., & Glöckner, A. (2010). Intuition in judgment and decision making: Extensive thinking without effort. Psychological Inquiry, 21, 279-294.

Judgments and law
Engel, C., & Glöckner, A. (in press). Role induced bias in court: An experimental analysis. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Judgment / Probabilistic Conclusion 
Glöckner, A., & Betsch, T. (2012). Decisions beyond boundaries: When more information is processed faster than less. Acta Psychologica, 139, 532-542.

Decisions at hazard  
Glöckner, A., & Pachur, T. (2012). Cognitive models of risky choice: Parameter stability and predictive accuracy of Prospect Theory. Cognition, 123, 21-32.

Strategic decisions and corporation 
Glöckner, A., Irlenbusch, B., Kube, S., Nicklisch, A., & Norman, H.-T. (2011). Leading with(out) sacrifice? A public-goods experiment with a privileged player. Economic Inquiry, 49, 591-597.



Individual differences 

Social preference 
Fiedler, S., Glöckner, A., Dickert, S., & Nicklisch, A. (in press). Social Value Orientation and information search in social dilemmas: An eye-tracking analysis. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Preferences at hazard and corporation
Glöckner, A., & Hilbig, B. E. (2012). Risk is relative: Risk-aversion yields cooperation rather than defection in cooperation-friendly environmentsPsychonomic Bulletin & Review, 19, 546-553.



Scientific theory              
Glöckner, A., & Betsch, T. (2011). The empirical content of theories in judgment and decision making: Shortcomings and remedies. Judgment and Decision Making, 6, 711-721.

Fiedler, S. & Glöckner, A. (2012). The dynamics of decision making in risky choice: An Eye-tracking Analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 3:335.


Multivariate methods of strategic classification systems 
Glöckner, A. (2009). Investigating intuitive and deliberate processes statistically: The Multiple-Measure Maximum Likelihood strategy classification method. Judgment and Decision Making, 4, 186-199.