About us

In the Department of Experimental Psychology, we investigate fundamental cognitive processes of attention and perception. In particular, we analyze the performance of the visual system in perceiving strongly degraded stimulus information, the effects of different masking techniques, individual differences in perception, and the effects of visual stimuli in the absence of awareness. Also, we are interested in expectation effects and attention processes. Our methods include verbal reports, behavioral measurements and physiological methods such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

For the Bachelor's Degree Program in Psychology, we offer the courses “Perception and Emotion” (B.Psy.201), “Introduction to the domains and research methods of Psychology” (B.Psy.202), as well as the “Experimental research lab” (B.Psy.203). For the Master’s Degree Program in Psychology, we offer courses on “Multivariate Statistics” (M.Psy.205), “Experimental Consciousness Research” (M.Psy.201 and M.Psy.204), “Neurophysiology of Perception and Attention” (M.Psy.202) and “Behavioral Neuroscience” (M.Psy.206).


Recent Publications