Prof. Dr. Uwe Mattler

Research interests

I find it fascinating that physical stimuli can lead to conscious experience. Together with my research group, I try to explain how unconscious stimuli are processed and conscious experiences are generated. Using scientific methods, we investigate perceptual experience and behavior of human participants in laboratory experiments. Currently, we use visual stimuli and examine how unconscious stimuli can affect behavior, how physical stimulation parameters change the subjective experience, and how people differ in their perceptions. Also, I am interested in how expectations can be generated and modified. My research is based on analysis of the experience and behavior of participants as well as the study of the brain processes involved in it.



B.Psy. 201: Perception, Emotion and Cognition

B.Psy. 202: Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods

M.Psy. 201: Experimental Studies of Consciousness

M.Psy. 204: Advanced Research: Experimental Studies of Consciousness

M.Psy. 205: Multivariate Statistics

Research Colloquium Experimental Psychology