Zezula, Peter

Peter Zezula, IT-Team

Retired since April 1st, 2024

I have been interested in the research-fields that span between human- and computer-sciences for a long time. It also gives me great pleasure to make things work. To work in the technology-lab of the institute of psychology gives me the opportunity to link these interests with my profession. Even after a few years I still feel joy doing that.

After working in many different areas, the center of my teachings is focused on the instruction of skills dealing with (software) statistics as part of the master-module "Multivariate Methods". I provide the associated tutorials, exercises, records etc. under the teachings-section.

My research interests are also related to tools and methods in human-computer-relations and can be found in the sector of the clinical psychology. The project "Therapeutic Talk" may serve as an example on which I and my colleague Ragnar Beer work. From this and other collaborations result some publications.

My curriculum vitae shows my professional development in a few lines.