Sarah Eiteljoerge

Sarah completed her BA in General Linguistics and English Studies at the University of Göttingen in 2014. As for her bachelor thesis, she worked in the WortSchatzInsel on a study on orthographical activation during auditory speech processing in adults. In 2014/2015, she attended the University College London and was awarded an MSc in Language Sciences. Her research focused mainly on the acquisition of pragmatic elements, namely scalar implicatures, in young children, and how contextual and structural components can influence children's performance.

In October 2015, Sarah joined the Research Group Language Acquisition as a PhD student. In her work, she investigates how specific actions can help learning novel words addressing cross-domain influences of word and action learning. Further, she is interested in how context, prosocial behaviour, and linguistic structures can affect the acquisition of semantic and pragmatic elements.

Additionally, Sarah is associate of the DFG funded Research Training Group 2070 "Understanding of social relationships" and part of the PhD programme "Behaviour and Cognition".  

Since 2022, Sarah is back as a postdoc. In her research, she investigates how children learn coherence between words and objects. Furthermore, she looks at how the child's personality and interests influence their language learning.