Martina de Eccher

Martina obtained her Bachelor's degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology in 2016 at the University of Padua, Italy. In 2018, she also obtained her Master's degree in Clinical Developmental Psychology here. Her thesis focused on affective touch and infant body perception. After her studies, Martina completed a one-year internship at the Vienna Child Study Lab at the University of Vienna. Here she was involved in various studies investigating social and cognitive development in the first year of life. She was particularly interested in perception and the influence of synchrony. In September 2020, Martina started her PhD in the Wortschatzinsel lab in Göttingen. She is part of the MSCA Innovative Training Network "Early Language Development in the Digital Age (e-LADDA)" there. The goal of her work will be to understand how digital, automated input affects word learning and vocabulary.