Sascha Schroeder, Jutta Segbers, and Pauline Schröter (2016)

Der Kinder-Titelrekognitionstest (K-TRT): Ein Instrument zur Erfassung des Lesevolumens von Kindern im Deutschen

Diagnostica, 62:16-30.

In this article we introduce the K-TRT (The Children Title Recognition Test), an economic and objective method to assess children’s print exposure in German. The K-TRT is modeled on other recognition measures commonly used in English: Children have to indicate which titles from a list of children’s books they know. In order to prevent guessing, the list also comprises distractor items. First, the development and structure of the K-TRT are described. Next, the results from two validation studies are reported. In Study 1, the reliability and distribution of the test scores were examined in a sample of children and adults. In Study 2, we report differential correlations of the K-TRTwith vocabulary and reading fluency measures in Grades 2, 4, and 6. Together, results indicate that the K-TRTis a reliable and valid measure of children’s print exposure. All items and their parameters are provided in the article. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved)

Accession Number: 2016-20216-002. Translated Title: The Children Title Recognition Test (K-TRT): A test to assess children's print exposure in German. Partial author list: First Author & Affiliation: Schroeder, Sascha; Max-Plank-Institut fur Bildungsforschung, MPFG Reading Education and Development (REaD), Berlin, Germany. Release Date: 20170420. Publication Type: Journal (0100), Peer Reviewed Journal (0110). Format Covered: Electronic. Document Type: Journal Article. Language: German. Major Descriptor: Childhood Development; Developmental Measures; Psychometrics; Test Reliability; Test Validity. Minor Descriptor: Reading; Recognition (Learning). Classification: Developmental Scales & Schedules (2222); Cognitive & Perceptual Development (2820). Population: Human (10). Age Group: Childhood (birth-12 yrs) (100); School Age (6-12 yrs) (180). Tests & Measures: Children Title Recognition Test. Methodology: Empirical Study; Quantitative Study. Page Count: 15. Issue Publication Date: 2016. Publication History: First Posted Date: Dec 19, 2014. Copyright Statement: Hogrefe Verlag, Göttingen. 2014.