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If you would like to participate in our studies, you can register for scientific experiments specifically via our department's database.

Link to the database


We will contact you as soon as you are eligible for one of our experiments and, if you are interested, we will arrange individual session(s) with you.

Participants receive compensation for your participation such as

  • a fixed amount of money per session
  • a variable amount of money depending on the performance
  • a variable amount of money depending on the duration of the experiment
  • vouchers (from e.g., local bookstores)
  • or "Versuchspersonenstunden" (for psychology students).

The financial compensation is usually 8,50€/hour.

Our test rooms are currently located in the Historic Observatory at Geismar Landstraße 11, 37083 Göttingen:

Open Streetmap Location of Historische Sternwarte