Dr. Bernhard Fink

Heisenberg scholar of the German Research Foundations (DFG)

Email: bernhard.fink@ieee.org

Phone: 0551/39-9344
Fax: 0551/39-7299

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Representative publications

  • Röder, S., Fink, B., & Jones, B.C. (2013). Facial, olfactory, and vocal cues to female reproductive value. Evolutionary Psychology, 11(2), 392-404.
  • Fink, B., Hugill, N., & Lange, B.P. (2012). Women’s body movements are a potential cue to ovulation. Personality & Individual Differences, 53(6), 759-763.
  • Neave, N., McCarty, K., Freynik, J., Caplan, N., Hönekopp, J., & Fink, B. (2011). Male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye. Biology Letters, 7, 221-224.
  • Manning, J.T., Fink, B. (2008). Digit Ratio (2D:4D), Dominance, Reproductive Success, Asymmetry, Sociosexuality, and Sexual Orientation in the BBC Internet Study. American Journal of Human Biology, 20(4), 451-461.
  • Fink, B., Grammer, K., & Matts, P.J. (2006). Visual Skin Color Distribution Plays a Role in the Perception of Age, Attractiveness, and Health of Female Faces. Evolution and Human Behavior, 27(6), 433-442.
  • Fink, B., Grammer, K., Mitteroecker, P., Gunz, P., Schaefer, K., Bookstein, F.L., & Manning J.T. (2005). Second to fourth digit ratio and face shape. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 272, 1995-2001.
  • Grammer, K., Fink, B., Møller, A.P., & Thornhill, R. (2003). Darwinian Aesthetics: Sexual Selection and the Biology of Beauty. Biological Reviews, 78(3), 385-407.
  • Johnston, V.S., Hagel, R., Franklin, M., Fink, B., & Grammer, K. (2001). Male facial attractiveness: Evidence for hormone mediated adaptive design. Evolution and Human Behavior, 22(4), 251-267.
  • Fink, B. & Grammer, K., & Thornhill, R. (2001). Human (Homo sapiens) facial attractiveness in relation to skin texture and color. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 115(1), 92-99.