Research infrastructure of the group

Video lab

Our modern video lab with 4 full HD and 8 motion capture cameras allows the realization of a diverse range of behavioral observation designs on 56 m². In addition we have a separate recording control room as well as three work stations for video processing and analysis.


Anthropometric lab

We are equipped with the latest technology in high-resolution 3D scanning of faces, full bodies and individual body parts like hands and feet. In addition we have the equipment for standardized photographs and voice recordings, as well as the assessment of anthropometric parameters like hand grip strength and lung capacity.


Computer lab

Four PCs and a laptop are available for computer-based group testing in the lab.


Online research

For over 10 years we have been conducting online research on PSYTESTS, one of the best-known German-speaking online portals for psychological studies. The flexible study framework formr, which Ruben Arslan developed in our group, allows the realization of complex online design like longitudinal, diary and network studies.



We regularly take samples for hormonal analyses in our studies. Long-term storage of biological samples at -80°C is possible in our lab. For analyses we cooperate with external labs.


Associated group "Evolutionary Psychology"

Dr. Bernhard Fink's associated group "Evolutionary Psychology" runs additional labs at the North Campus.