Current job offers

Currently, there are no job offers.

Cooperation and research in our department

We are offering interesting and challenging tasks in our department for dedicated students and prospective researchers.

Tasks for student assistants

You can join one of our research projects as a student assistant already during your studies. Your job would include the conducting of experiments, the organization and execution of acquisition of test persons, the conception and preparation of test materials and entry and statistical evaluation of data. The job as a student assistant should not merely be a part-time job but offer you manifold opportunities to enhance your professional and social competencies. But of course this job is no requirement for a thesis in our department.

Diploma and master’s thesis in our department

If our research caught your interest it would be worth considering to write an empirical diploma or master’s thesis about one of our projects and specialize yourself in a certain subject. To do the planning, execution and evaluation of your thesis you can resort to the experiences and expertise that you acquired during your work as a student assistant for our department. Naturally though the job as a student assistant is not a requirement for writing a thesis in our department.

Are you interested in doing a PhD? Become an expert!

Maybe you are interested in scientific work and want to do a doctoral study. A conferral of a doctorate has many advantages no matter whether you aspire an academic career or are interested in a more practical work environment. You enhance your methodological skills, learn to independently plan and coordinate research projects, acquire teaching skills through your own courses and learn how to give compelling talks even in front of critical audiences. And don’t you think the doctor’s degree is quite nice as well…

How to become a PhD student?

Our student research assistants and graduates have different possibilities to work and become part of our department. There are two ways to fund PhD projects: Either you become an employee in one of our research projects and write your doctoral thesis as part of this project. Or you apply for a scholarship from a foundation (e.g. “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes”) with our active support.

Often no vacancies are to be filled when you graduate and the application for scholarships take quite some while at times. For such cases we offer our future employees and scholarship holders a transitional funding as a graduate research assistant till the approval of a research project or the scholarship. This gives you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of a project outline and even do some preparatory work for your research project.

Did we aroused your interest?

You are always welcome to visit us during our office hours or send us an email (for office hours and email addresses have a look at our staff pages).


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