About me

Research Interests

  • Comparative Psychology / Animal Personality
  • Personality Development
  • Evolutionary Psychology & Behavioural Ecology
  • Methods in Personality Research

Current Projects

  • Facultative Calibration of Personality
  • Comparative Modelling of Personality in Humans and Animals

Past Projects

  • Personality Development in Rhesus Macaques
  • Prosociality in Meerkats

Current Publications

  • Amici, F., von Borell, C., Bueno Guerra, N., & Colell Mimo, M. Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) fail to prosocially donate food in an experimental set-up. Under review.
  • Arslan, R. C., von Borell, C. J., Ostner, J., & Penke, L. (in press). Negative results are needed to show the specific value of a cultural explanation for g: A commentary on Burkart et al. Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • von Borell, C., Kulik, L., & Widdig, A. (2016). Growing into the self: the development of personality in rhesus macaques. Animal Behaviour (122), 183-195.