Dr. Tanja Gerlach

Research Interests

  • Psychology of mate choice, romantic relationships, and sexuality
  • Personality and social relationships, with a focus on defensive personality traits (e.g., narcissism, justice sensitivity)
  • Intra- and interpersonal aspects of forgiveness and revenge in close relationships
  • Emotional competencies and emotion regulation
  • Calibration of anger expression, revenge, and relational negotiation
  • Contextual approaches to psychological processes, interpersonal relationships, and relationship development
  • Online research (psytests.de, formr.org) and Open Science

Current Projects

  • Predictive validity and change of romantic partner ideals
  • Opposite-sex social networks - assessment and implications for partner choice and relationship quality
  • Ovulatory cycle shifts and psychological effects of hormonal contraception
  • Narcissistic admiration and rivalry and their relations to anger experience, regulation, and expression as well as relational negotiation
  • Effects of narcissistic admiration and rivalry in romantic relationships and friendships
  • Effects of self-distancing and wise reasoning in close interpersonal relationships
  • Personality predictors of advice seeking, taking, and giving in interpersonal relationships

Representative Publications

  • Gerlach, T. M. & Jünger, J. (in press). Ideal partner preferences. In J. J. Ponzetti Jr. (Ed.), Macmillan encyclopedia of families, marriages, and intimate relationships. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference.
  • von Borell, C., Kordsmeyer, T. L., Gerlach, T. M., & Penke, L. (in press). An integrative study of facultative personality calibration. Evolution and Human Behavior.
  • Gerlach, T. M., Arslan, R. C., Schultze, T., Reinhard, S. K., & Penke, L. (2019). Predictive validity and adjustment of ideal partner preferences across the transition into romantic relationships. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 116, 313-330. DOI: 10.1037/pspp0000170.
  • Jünger, J., Gerlach, T. M., & Penke, L. (2018). Probing ovulatory cycle shifts in women’s preferences for men’s behaviors. Preprint on PsyArXiv. DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/7G3XC
  • Wieczorek, L. L., Tata, C. S., Penke, L. & Gerlach, T. M. (2018). Online implementation of an event history calendar with formr: a tutorial. Preprint on PsyArxiv. DOI: 10.31234/osf.io/h8cs9
  • Arslan, R.C., Schilling, K., Gerlach, T. M., & Penke, L. (2018). Using 26 thousand diary entries to show ovulatory changes in sexual desire and behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1037/pspp0000208
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  • Schultze, T., Gerlach, T. M., & Rittich, J. C. (2017). Some people heed advice less than others: agency (but not communion) predicts advice taking. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Advance online publication. DOI: 10.1002/bdm.2065
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