Tobias Kordsmeyer


Research Interests

  • evolutionary psychology/anthropology
  • sexual selection
  • personality psychology/interindividual differences
  • personality development
  • neuroendocrinology (in particular, testosterone and cortisol)

Current Projects

  • developmental instability (fluctuating asymmetry) and sexual selection/fitness proxies
  • hormonal reactivity in relation to self- and observer-rated personality in a mating context


  • Kordsmeyer, T. L., & Penke, L. (in press). The association of three indicators of developmental instability with mating success in humans. Evolution and Human Behavior.

  • Kordsmeyer, T., Mac Carron, P., & Dunbar, R. I. M. (2017). Sizes of Permanent Campsite Communities Reflect Constraints on Natural Human Communities. Current Anthropology, 58(2), 289-294.

  • Stulp, G., Kordsmeyer, T., Buunk, A.P., & Verhulst, S. (2012). Increased aggression during human group contests when competitive ability is more similar. Biology Letters, 8(6), 921-923.

Short CV

  • from 04/2014 PhD student at the University of Goettingen, Department of Biological Personality Psychology (Prof. Dr. Penke), PhD programme "Behavior and Cognition" (from 10/2014)
  • 10/2012-09/2013 MSc Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK; scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service)
    MSc thesis: "A Face to be Reckoned with: the Relationship Between
    Facial, Psychological and Behavioural Dominance" 
  • 09/2009-08/2012 BSc Psychology (cum laude), University of Groningen, Netherlands
    2nd year: Excellence Programme
    BSc thesis: "Tall claims? The Relationship Between Height and Dominance"