Our department offers lectures in social- and economic-psychology for bachelor and master graduates in both major and minor combinations.


Our department is responsible for the following Bachelor modules (all German):

  • Social psychology I (Intra- and interpersonal processes)
  • Economic psychology II (Organizational and market psychology)
  • Experimental and evaluation methods (Lecture and seminar; Experimental- und Evaluationsmethodik)
  • Practical application projects of social and economic psycholog (Seminar; Anwendungsbezogene Projekte der Sozial- und Wirtschaftspsychologie)


Our department teaches the following Master modules (all German):

  • Communcation and Coordination in Groups (Kommunikation und Koordination in Gruppen)
  • Team work and leadership in organizations (Teamarbeit und Führung in Organisationen)
  • Immersion module Communication and Social Psychology (Vertiefung Sozial- und Kommunikationspsychologie)
  • Team Diagnostics and Team Development (Teamdiagnostik und Teamentwicklung)
  • Workshops on career orientation, systemic team management, etc.
  • Göttinger Zivilcourage-Impulstraining


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