Stage is yours! - MachMit!

The project “Stage is yours“ is funded by the Forschungsfond Kulturelle Bildung for three years (10/2018-10/2021). The Forschungsfond is a project of the Rat für Kulturelle Bildung e.V., supported by the Mercator Stiftung and Karl Schlecht Stiftung.

This longitudinal study investigates the bidirectional relationship between participating in arts education and various personality traits of children and adolescents. We cooperate with a comprehensive school in Goettingen that offers a range of extracurricular activities with a cultural and aesthetic focus (such as theater, dance, music, visual arts and literature). In our first question, we ask whether participants differ in their basic cognitive skills, their personality traits and their socio-demographic and cultural background between the different activity groups. The second focus is longitudinally, where we ask whether participating in arts education results in a change in certain personality traits. The role of the motivation to participate is also considered. The last data for this longitudinal analysis will be collected in October 2020. The results will form an empirical basis of recommendations to all-day schools by revealing whether arts education is beneficial to children and adolescents.