Lectures and Seminars offered by our Department

Psychology (B.Sc.):

  • Lecture B.Psy.801 Educational Psychology I
  • Seminar B.Psy.801 Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Lecture B.Psy.802 Educational Psychology II
  • Seminar B.Psy.802 Supporting Learning and Teaching with Individuals and Groups

Education (M.Ed.):

  • Lecture M.BW.200 Teaching and Learning
  • Seminar M.BW.200 Teaching and Learning
  • Lecture M.BW.300 Diagnosis, Evaluation and Development
  • Seminar M.BW.300 Diagnosis, Evaluation and Development


On UniVZ, you can find an overview of lectures and seminars for the current term.

You will find furter lectures and seminars from previous semesters up to summer term 2007 using the search function in UniVZ. First select the relevant semester, then the institution and Department 8 of the Georg-Elias-Müller Institute.


FAQs for M.BW. 200 & 300

  • The exams for M.BW. 200 & 300 take place once at the end of each semester.
  • It is not possible for individual students to retake or reschedule exams.
  • In order to take the exam you have to register in advance.
  • The registration period ends 7 days before the examination date.
  • Students that are not registered cannot take the exam.
  • M.BW. 200 consists of one lecture and two seminars.
  • M.BW. 300 consists of one lecture and one seminar.