Determinants and effects of participating in educational activities

In a comprehensive school in Goettingen, students choose from a range of extracurricular courses each semester, including activities with a focus on culture, social-political topics, craft or sports. The research project “Stage is yours“ explores the bidirectional relationship between the choice of the activity and various aspects of the personality, basic cognitive skills, and the socio-demographic and cultural background. Four surveys take place at the beginning of a semester. A bachelor theses could study determinants and effects of participating in different activities.

Tasks: Assistance with the survey in schools (grades 5-10), data analysis, literature research

Requirements: basic statistical knowledge (t-test, ANOVA, logistic regression, pre-post-comparison), basic knowledge of working with R, basic knowledge in personality psychology and working with tests, experience in working with children and adolescents is desirable

Supervision: Support is offered at all stages of the thesis (literature review, formulation of research hypotheses, data analysis)

Timeframe: A bachelor theses is available for the last of the biannual testing times in September/October 2020. The survey is followed by a data analysis and a write up period.

Registration: If you are interested in working in this project, please contact Rebecca Langer via email: rebecca.langer(at)