Weicheng Lian

Weicheng studied construction engineering at Wuhan University of Technology (B.Sc) and obtained his second degree in Psychology at Central China Normal University (B.Sc). He received his master's degree at South China normal university, majoring in cognitive neuroscience. His master’s thesis mainly explored the synchrony of neuro oscillation in cooperative and competitive games with the EEG-hyperscanning method. After his graduation, he worked as a research assistant at Shenzhen University, where he investigated the effect of live social interaction on empathy.

In May 2022, he became a member of SFB 1528 - Cognition of Interaction and a Ph.D. student in the Behavior and Cognition (BeCog) programme.


Research interests:

  • The factors from visual stimuli carrying social relevance that lead to preferential sensory encoding and subsequent processing;
  • The underlying neural and physiological mechanisms that are substantially involved in human dyadic decision-making processes.